Mo’s Pub & Eatery – Langley, WA 5/1/14

Show Notes: Mo’s Pub & Eatery, Langley, WA 5/1/2014 (the “we’s on an island” thing)

all acoustic shows are all too rare in this world of PA’s.  the last one we played (probably?) was a porch on a party house in Missoula, MT, 2011, back when we were but a wee band and too tired to carry our garbage PA into the last gig of an ill-prepared but fun-as-shit tour.  this one was a little more inspiring, though had fewer pierced party kids.  somehow, this dude Russ had found our profile (probably because we’d been overly loudly broadcasting ourselves like a preacher without a flock), and actually emailed to ask if we’d come play all acoustic.

um.  fuck yes, we will do that.

but frankly, barefeets, it’d been awhile since anyone had done that for us – the Pac NW, especially at that point (in the ever-waning window of retrospect), had been a place of us begging for stage time, and really not the other way around.  back in the state of our ill-fated birth, this kind of thing happened all the time, much to the boosting of our teeny ego, so it wasn’t like we weren’t used to it…but damn.  it felt good to be a sort-of gangsta, again.  kind of like it should be, whatever “it” and “should” are.  that’s often part of the problem, you know, but at the same time, it gives you that kind of monk-like focus you need to keep yourself mindful of the present, to keep from desiring too many things – because especially on this path of music, you get what the path gives, and not much else.

at least this time, it gave me a sweet gig.  I rode the ferry from Edmonds, which was a first for me, and drove up to the gig as the sun was going down.  went inside, and Russ had us all set up with the bartender – served up a beer and a water, all ready to sit down by the fireplace and play our little feet off.  the acoustics turned out to be GREAT – voice and guitar carried well, people could hear, and we found, yet again, the power of the all-acoustic sound.  it was really incredible to see people actually listening to the music, like stopping conversations and chewing to listen, instead of being assaulted by a PA.

thanks, Russ, and Mo’s, for this gem.

if it’s plugged in, it’s not acoustic, dawg.


Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA 4/30/14

Show Notes: Tim’s Tavern, Seattle 4/30/2014 (the “Last Minute” thing)

after a weekend playing with the bluegrass band in WYO, we were jonesing for some Seattle love.  lo and behold, on Wednesday morning, ol’ Greg at Tim’s Tavern texted and we hooked up, once again, with the comedy folk review.  this was the show, we’re pretty sure, where we first met Tyler Smith, local comedian and lover of the green.  like HUGE lover of the green.  clearly obliterated, this kid got up and handled the crowd like they were a herd of tiny kittens, just waiting to be regaled by his razor high tongue. 

the oddity of this was….we don’t remember much else of the night.  not even our set, though it was well received.  somehow, the night just wafted away like smoke signals over the duplexes and crackheads of greenwood.

immortal, but fleeting.

Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA 4/24/14

Show Notes: Tim’s Tavern, Seattle 4/24/2014 (the “Steel Yer Beans” thing)

dudes.  we LOVE Steel Beans, like a whole can’s worth.  ran into him for the first time at local band Thursday at Tim’s, and lo-and-behold if we didn’t talk ol’ Greg Chaos into booking this gig.  the nicest part about looking back on the things we have played is to see how far we’ve come.  so this is as much about the journey as it is about any particular night.  the thing that was our touchstone here was the fact that, the first time we played with Steel Beans, we were just new Seattle babies, having grounding issues with our guitar, hating life, mostly, and thinking about quitting music and pursuing our eventual death by wrist-slitting (a.k.a. legal career) full time.

thank the stars for touchstones like this. 

the night was pretty good.  we think we might have pissed of ol’ Greg a little bit, though, since we had to leave before the bitter end (had to make a 16 hour drive through the night for a gig in Wyo territory and couldn’t stick around to jam).  that’s the rub, though, with a life as a barefoot wandering idiot.  sometimes you win.  sometimes you piss folks off.  sometimes you play with people who can play the guitar and a full drum set at the same time and you feel like a crappy musician with no talents.  sometimes, you have to be artist-promoter-businessperson-fluffer-partyanimal all in one package.  all while smiling.  that shit can get a little old, but we’re pushing 37, right now. 

37 is old as methuselah’s crotch.


South Bay Pub & Eatery – Olympia, WA 4/19/14

Show Notes: South Bay Pub & Eatery Olympia 4/19/2014 (the “friends in green places” thing)


first, a little note about the flier – it was a melding of a pic from our previous tour and a great mountain pic by a very good friend from the middle o’ nowhere, Wyo. (thanks, Antonio).


the South Bay Pub & Eatery was a weird, roadside mirage in the otherwise nearly indelible green hue of Olympia. though it wasn’t our first time in town, it was definitely the first time we paid attention to the surroundings. impression of Olympia: “hill hill hill tree. tree. hill. building HILL tree.”

ha. ha.

so after several repetitions of this mantra, we drove right the eff past the venue. turned around at the next tree, and pulled into the parking lot. entered the place, shook the hand that shook the hand of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan, and got to setting up. we should say that we showed up scandalously early for this – like so early that Tim, the GUY there, thought we were delivering donuts. we were early because we were meeting a friend, one of…oh….thirteen…in the PacNW at the time, and so we set up and went to coffee and traipsed back to the venue, friend in tow, chatted a bit, and finally went to work.

though we write these a long time after (because…BUSY), we remember these two sets like the bottom of a glass of scotch, neat. the room just kept filling up with people, like…who actually WANTED to be there listening to music. bizarre.

finished up, jawed a little with Tim, promised to be back (which we WILL, ahem…when the 21st century does its magic), and scooted out of there. our friend? well. let’s just say that, since high school, some odd 90 years ago, some people have grown up.

we have just grown weird.


Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA 4/18/14

Show Notes: Tim’s Tavern Seattle 4/18/2014 (the “we got in on a friday” thing)

look.  sometimes it pays to know people.  sometimes that is the only way a solo guy will get hired on a friday night in seattle.  that’s how we did get hired for this show, and a big big thank you to Greg Chaos for having another show to run and for forgetting to book this night at the Tavern until the last minute and for having our number so we could come save the day.  it was an alignment of planets kind of thing.

we’ve previously expressed our unashamed love for this venue, and this night only made our crush more poignant, more tangible and sweat-soaked.  we pulled up early and parked in my regular spot on fremont st. only to witness a crackhead fighting with cars at the stoplight.  guy actually chased a car and was punching it and screaming as we unloaded our stuff and made our way into the place.  this is what my friends mean when they say that neighborhood gets “a little sketchy” after the sun falls out of the sky.  we figured the guy had a legitimate beef with the car, though, and just went about our merry business.  sometimes, for performers, life is the stage and WE are the audience – so keep up the good acting, crackheads.  A+ friday night entertainment. 

the show was with Paul Diamond Blow (good guitarist, FUNNY stage personality, fantastic shades), Ashton George, and Speedmop.  we had a number of beers at this show, because the venue gave out more neat-o tickets than usual, or maybe we opened a tab, feeling fat with benjamins.  not sure, exactly.  our set was third, there was a decent room going on, and we made 30 bucks from the door, handed to us by the door guy who apparently had to punch out the same crackhead who’d been fighting cars to not lose the cash box to the crackhead.

if you look up, you just trip over things.


The Hi Fidelity Lounge – Bremerton, WA 4/10/14

Show Notes: The Hi Fidelity Lounge Bremerton 4/10/2014 (the “first time in Bremerton” thing)

so, first, a big shout out to the venue and to the promoter.  The Hi Fidelity Lounge is the kind of bar/venue that we’d probably sell our souls to play and fill with people.  they have a great stage/band area, though the headroom is a little bit low for a jolly barefoot giant (yes, whaaaacked our head twice this night…), but the sound is good, and the room is long and low and dirty.  plus, it features a dive-bar front with a home-cooked menu where most of the people sit and listen to the music going on in the back.  makes for a nice dual-room atmosphere.

now, as for Dave Morgan Promotions, in our short time here in the PacNW, we have yet to meet a guy who does more booking/organizing/promotion of shows than this dude.  he has the same kind of heart that we do – trying to make a music scene in lower-populated locales, trying to build a good scene with the local talent as well as with whomever will come to play, and just all around trying to keep too many musical balls in the musical air.  he is darn good at it.

shout-outs done, this was a straight-up fun gig.  a nifty drive over from Seattle using the Tacoma narrows bridge (zero toll on the way over, $5.25 on the way back), and great scenery as you drive through that part of the peninsula.  played it with a local navy fella who was on shore leave (we believe) from a sweet-ass nuclear sub and a dude from peopletank. Dave runs these shows in a great format, letting each performer take 4 songs apiece before rotating in the next performer.  in Dave’s words, “that way the people who are there for happy hour get to see all the musicians…and the people who come late….get to see all the damn musicians.”  it’s a really nice philosophy, especially for people like…well….pretty much everyone…who can’t guarantee they’ll bring a crowd of…well….any size.  so also, although maybe Dave hadn’t considered this, the format works out well for the musicians who come play the show, as well, since we’re not left to our own devices when our set isn’t going on because the set is ALWAYS going on. 

it’s best not to leave musicians to their own devices.


Darrell’s Tavern – Seattle, WA 4/7/14

Show Notes: Darrell’s Tavern – Seattle, WA 4/7/2014 (the “finally feeling the late-night Monday love” thing)

it has taken half a year, at this point, to realize some of the (perhaps) insurmountable obstacles to being a solo act in a sea of other solo acts in a city that only hires non-solo acts for all the coolest gigs.  it’s difficult, especially when you are the sole member of a power Americana act, to swallow the “hey, nobody wants to book you because you aren’t really a band, dude,” pill, but after 100 or so rejections, you start to realize that your self-realization as a “band” is meaningless except to yourself.  barring any change in the future that starts to bring 100,000 people to every dive bar that we play, this is simply a matter of perspective change, and less a thing to take personally. 

it’s more like a grasshopper thing. 

so, that said, whenever we run across a place that treats solo acts like they were the rock stars they pretend (portend?) to be, we are all over that like a fly buzzing around our mud-stained bare feets.  this was either our third or fourth time at this particular gig, and it was the best time, to date, for sure.  the last time around, we’d filled the whole bill because the regular guy was sick.  this time, we got the luckies in the form of playing a late set to “mix things up a little.” 

now.  in Wyoming, where we play with country bands from time to time, the late set is usually reserved for the likes of…well…us.  since we aren’t country, the bands we play with put us either WAY early or WAY late to make sure we don’t scare off their crowd (rightfully so, since we’re 7 feet tall…).  here, it meant that we played to a nice room full of hootin’ folks, hung out in the parking lot with them, and had too too too too too too many tall boys of imported ranier.  this Monday night gig is starting to be our damn favorite. 

thanks, Darrel’s Tavern!  you are aces.